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Yes, every package that we offer has a free Trial period of 30 days. After that 30 days period you can choose if you want to continue or cancel your website. No strings attached!

In order to create your own account and start your own website, you first choose a template that you like. After selecting the template, you fill in some additional data and your account will be created.

By default, we create a subdomain for your website, like: You can however choose your own domain and link it to your website if you want to. In order to do so you choose this option during the sign-up process. You can order a new domain or use a domain name that has already been registered. Be aware: this function only comes with the Premium Package!

By default your premium package will be in Trial (free) mode. This means your domain is not registered yet. Your chosen domain will automatically be registered and hooked, once we received your first payment.

Yes! We offer automated search engine optimization on all our packages. This means that you do not have to do anything to make search engines find your website and index it properly.

All our packages come with detailed visitor statistics. Login to your website and find the Visitors Stats tab in order to view your website’s visitor statistics.

Our premium packages come with some extra, pre-configured, functionalities. This means that our PRO templates provide you the opportunity to start your own Webshop and Webforum. As mentioned, we have already pre-set the most important configurations and also created some demo content, so that you can get up and running quickly.

All our packages come with great flexibility and lots of functionalities. Basically, too much to sum up! Within a few clicks you can add beautiful image sliders, create forums, contact forms, add Google Maps, icon boxes, create galleries and so much more. The best way to find out is just to create an account and take a look😊 Note that only our Premium packages allow you to setup a Webshop and Webforum.

Yes, you can! Login to your website and on the dashboard find the “Switch Templates” link.

Of course, we want to provide you with as much as freedom and flexibility as possible. When you want to move your website away to a self-hosted and stand-alone WordPress installation, we are happy to help you. Order our Move & Approve package to get started!

Don’t worry! We are glad to help you out. Just contact our Support Team to get started. In most cases we are able to help you without losing any data. As a safety measure we also create multiple backups of your website per day. Note, our Support Team tries to help you as soon as possible, but if you need immediate assistance, you might want to look at our Red Alert package.

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Our FAQ and Documentation section will be updated daily. Can you not find the answer to your question here, then please contact our Support Team through chat or email!

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